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Study Aids for the Urantia Papers

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May God bless your living and study of the Fifth Epochal Revelation to Urantia.

The Urantia Papers
by a Divine Counselor, et al.
Organization of the papers, by Bill Sadler & David Kantor

Index to the Urantia Papers
by Harry McMullan & Kelli Cupp

Bible Quotes in the Urantia Papers
by Randy Moser, et al

Bibliography: Quotes Not in the Bible
by Asana Duex, Doc Sadler, et al
(for Matt Block's latest research, see SquareCircles.com)

Life After Death
What to expect on the Mansion Worlds, etc.

Children's Urantia Book
by Ruth Renn, from the 1950's

Studies of the Life & Teachings of Jesus
by Ruth Renn & Doc Sadler

Maps of Jesus' Life & Travels
by John Seres & David Kantor

Levels of Meaning of the Golden Rule
by Eric Schaveland

Seraphic Velocity
by Troy Bishop, Merritt Horn, & Bob Hunt

Possible Word Origins
Etymology of some of the words used in the Urantia Papers
On the Word Urantia

Introduction to the Urantia Papers
by Maria Downing
(This is a flyer you can print out to share.)

Illustrations for the Urantia Papers
by John Seres (from forum days)

Changes Between Printings
(from Pathways printing)

Pronunciation Guide
by forum member Georgia Gecht

On the Origin & Authorship of the Urantia Papers
(Sooner or later, folks want to know)

On Marriage and Family
(Quotes, Articles, Funstuff)

Study Questions
(used in the Boulder School and the Forum)

Evolution on Urantia
(includes colorful photos of Vertebrates)

Evolutionary Panorama (Invertebrates)
(Paper 65, Section 2)

Study Aids By...
Bill Sadler, Doc Sadler, Georgia Gecht, Marian Rowley
& many more!

"Once Words"
(Memory aids? Also a game to play in your study group.)

The Women's Corps
("the most revolutionary feature of Michael's mission")

Dictionary & Glossary
(list of difficult, specialized, or coined words with their definitions)

Lists, Lists, Lists
(got a little carried away here)

Andon & Fonta, the Sangiks, Dalamatia, Eden, etc.

(many from Forum days)

A Family Tree of Races from the Urantia Papers

Science in the Urantia Papers  Mainly Astronomy!
(But be sure to check out the articles on the Scientific Validation of the Papers)

Really Helpful Slideshows
by Julie Tharp, Mark Turrin, & Chick Montgomery
(don't forget to google YouTube for more like this)

Then we have some Miscellaneous Topical Studies
(Including Scientific Confirmation of the Number of Trait Carriers, by Lynn Van Matre)
Have fun browsing!

With a minimalist mindset  "less is more"  we share links
to just a few of the wonderful Urantia websites available  click here.

Using Don Green's Urantia Book Club on the CU campus in Boulder as our inspiration, we've used these aids when introducing the Urantia papers to others.

Example of a display used to introduce the Urantia papers:

Back row:

Front row:
Journey to Paradise Poster Journey to Paradise (John Byron's paintings)
Selected Quotations The Paramony (Bible quotes)
Angel picture The Urantia Book
Urantia Book Introduction Guided Tour
Jesus picture Heaven
Life After Death booklet The Urantia Book (softcover)
Evolution of the Soul Harry McMullan's Booklets
Brochures Family Tree of Races chart
Origin of UB Race & the UB

Bill Sadler's Master Universe Studies:

If you'd like to do a Urantia Book Club or a booth in your own community,
these handouts are in Adobe pdf format, designed to be ready to print.
Many composed by Larry Watkins. Click here.

At a booth, you might find helpful:
1. Questions a Bible Student Might Ask
2. The UB from a Jewish perspective, by Martin Greenhut, &
3. Race & the UB, by Earlene Green

Many of the study aids on this site are in Adobe Reader PDF format. You can download Adobe Reader
for free from Adobe's Website:

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Thank you to Larry Watkins for his HTML version of the Urantia Papers,
& thanks to Gasser Classics, Larry Mullins, Fred Smith, Terry Kruger  & others  for the great graphics we used here.

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